About DCO Design Co.

DCO Design Co. is an Electronic - Electromechanical Design Consulting, and Engineering Services company. The goal of this company is to provide high quality and cost effective design and development service to companies, who wish to outsource design and development activities. 


DCO Design Co. functions as an outside Research and Development resource for companies that do not have, or have limited Research and Development departments. DCO Design Co. also manufactures Proof of Concept, Proto –Type, Pre – Production, and Low volume production devices. DCO Design will also provide Design and/or Manufacture of Production Machinery and Fixtures. 

DCO Design provides a service that can accommodate rapid design changes through close communication with the client company engineers. 

DCO Design will strive to limit unnecessary procedures and “red tape” that limit the projects ability to be completed on time. 

DCO Design can offer consulting service at your facility or from ours. 

More than 30 years experience in electronic design and manufacturing.


DCO Design Capabilities:

Electronic Hardware Design:

·        Digital logic design, Synchronous state machine design, Pipeline logic design.

·        FPGA and CPLD design and simulation in Microsemi /ACTEL, ALTERA and XILINX parts using AHDL, VHDL, and Verilog.

·        Intel Pentium / Pentium II architecture, PCI bus architecture, SPI interface, RS232, RS422, IDE Bus, ISA Bus, SCSI Bus, Cypress Hot Link Fiber channel.

·        ADC and DAC interface design.

·        Analog and Power design.

·        Motion control design.

·        Stepper motors, DC PM motors, and Servomotors.


Electronic Hardware Development:

·       Static controlled work area with Surface mount capability

·       1 Gss Digital Oscilloscope.

·        128 channel Logic analyzer.

·        350 MHz Analog Oscilloscope.

·        50 MHz Frequency Synthesizer.

·        10 MHz Pulse Generator.

·        15V dual, 30V Single, 1500V Single Regulated bench Supplies.

·        6 1/2 Digit DMM. 

·        18 GHz Frequency Counter

·        Bench Microscope


·       Turning:    18 X 60 Manual Lathe, 1 5/8 CNC Chucker Lathe.

·        Milling:    12 X 42 Manual Mill with DRO system. CNC Mill 

·        Grinding: 6 X 18 Surface, 11 X 28 Cylindrical.

·        Sawing: 7 X12 Bandsaw, 11 inch Coldsaw.

·        Welding: 255 Amp MIG, 250 Amp TIG, Stick, and Gas.

·        Hydraulic, and manual Presses and Bending Machines.

·        Assembly and Finishing: Powder Coating and Paint.

Design Support:

MS Word, Excel, Access, Project, Corel Word Perfect, Visio, Adobe Photoshop.

C, C++, Visual Basic, and Assembly programming.

Solidworks, AutoCAD.


Conifer, CO.

(Near Denver)




Daniel O’Brien

PO Box 731

Conifer, CO. 80433



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